Highway Equipment is proud to offer a range of new and used Anaconda screeners, scalpers, trommels, and conveyors to buy or rent.

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The Anaconda range of mobile Screeners-Scalpers has been designed to suit a variety of applications.

The DF410 and SR410 range of screeners-scalpers are designed for optimum screening and stockpiling of materials with the longest screen box in the compact screening segment of the market. The 410 range of tracked screens will fold and ship worldwide in standard 40’ sea containers thus keeping shipping costs to a minimum!

The Anaconda DF514 and SR514 range of screens offer greater screening capacity with performance of up to 350tph possible.

ModelScreen Size (ft x ft)DecksCapacity (tph)Plant Weight (KG)
SR514 3 DECK14 X 52 or 335031,000
SR514 3DK RINSER14 X 52 or 335031,000
SR514 2 DECK14 X 52 or 335031,000
SR514 2DK RINSER14 X 52 or 335031,000
SR410 2DK RINSER10 X 4215,500

Anaconda Screeners


The Anaconda range of mobile Screeners-Scalpers has been designed to suit a variety of applications.

The DF514 scalper can offer two or three way separation of material whereas the SR514 will offer three or four way separation as it comes with a three-deck option.

ModelScreen Size (ft x ft)DecksCapacity (tph)Plant Weight (KG)
DF514 APRON14 x 5235027,000
DF514 BELT14 x 5235027,000
DF41010 x 4230015,600
DF410 EURO SPEC10 x 4230015,600

Anaconda Scalper


Anaconda’s ingenuity in its signature range of Trommels comes from a long period of research and development. We worked with customers and operators to determine problems facing the common scroll drum dedicated models popular in the organic and associated industries. What came next was the start of something special. The Anaconda Trommels have been helping end users produce up to 75% more fines in the first pass compared to a standard scroll drum. This is because a scroll drum can cause the material to ball and bind together and increase the need for reprocessing. At Anaconda we like to do things right first time.

ModelScreen Size (ft x ft)Plant Weight (KG)
TD620 Tracked18′ x 6′ 7″20,000
TD620 Wheeled18′ x 6′ 7″20,000
TD516 Tracked16′ 9″ x 4′ 7″14,500
TD516 Wheeled16′ 9″ x 4′ 7″14,500

Anaconda Trommel


The Anaconda range of conveyors has been designed with quality at the core utilizing the latest ProE modelling software.

Anaconda conveyors are built efficiently, to the highest quality. The volume of conveyors built per year mean that Anaconda procure the best components at the most competitive prices, keeping the customer cost down. The products are built to last with the trademark Anaconda quality and paint finish. Anaconda has a range of standard stockpiling conveyors offering material movement from 20ft (6m) to 80ft (24m) and from 50tph up to 750tph, with stockpiles from 150 cubic meters to 5000 cubic meters.

Anaconda also offers a range of feeder conveyors that can be used to feed static crushing and screening plants, mobile screening plants, as ship/barge/rail truck loaders or to scalp material by adding the option of a vibrating/standard grid.

Tracked Conveyors

ModelLength (ft)Plant Weight (KG)

Wheeled Conveyors

ModelLength (ft)Plant Weight (KG)

Track Conveyors

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