Material Handlers


For over 125 years, unique design features make Fuchs® machines veritable all-rounders in materials handling. Whether in the scrap yard, at recycling sites, in the sawmill industry or in port handling, Fuchs® machines are the last word in outstanding productivity and cost-efficiency.

Fuchs —the name means more than just innovative, top-quality, high-efficiency material handlers– stands for decades of history, rich in pioneering technical achievements. So it is no surprise that invention and innovation still typify the spirit of Fuchs company and its solutions today.

Over 125 years of excellence in pioneering technology.



Material Handlers

ModelPowerEmission StandardOp. WeightReach
MHL320127hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final46,297lbs30’2″-34’1″
MHL331154 hpEPA Tier 4 interim / EU Stage IIIB50,706–56,659 lbs35’1″–39’4″
MHL335154 hpEPA Tier 4 interim / EU Stage IIIB52,911–58,863 lbs35’1″–39’4″
MHL340173 hpKat. IV/EPA Tier 4 final70,107 lbs36’1″–44’11”
MHL350214hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final72,753–78,264 lbs48’2″–52’5″
MHL360255 hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final95,901–107,585 lbs54’1″–59′
MHL370308 hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final108,467–119,711 lbs54’1″–59″
MHL390420 hpKat. IV / EPA Tier 4 final167,992–191,802 lbs72’2″–80’4″





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