For all of your digging, demolition, and earthmoving needs, Highway Equipment Company (HECO) has excavators from premier brands like Kobelco, Hyundai, Gradall, and IHI. We offer new and used products for sale or rent. You’re sure to find the right excavator to get the job done.



ModelEngine HPOp. WeightDig Depth
R145CR-911333,020 lbs19’1″
R160LC-912038,690 lbs19’2″
R210LC-914349,390 lbs21’6″
R250LC-918356,200 lbs21’9″
R290LC-919765,870 lbs23’3″
R290LR19772,440 lbs48’7″
R380LC-927184,220 lbs24’8″
R480LC-9342108,420 lbs27’7″
367114,820 lbs28’2″


HYUNDAI Mini Excavators

ModelEngine HPOp. WeightDig Depth
R27Z-923.16,350 lbs8′ 2″
R35Z-9278,050 lbs10’4″
R60CR-95613,000 lbs11’9″
R80CR-95918,190 lbs13’7″


HYUNDAI Wheeled Excavators

ModelEngine HPOp. WeightDig Depth
R170W-916338,140 lbs1.37 cubic yards
R210W-917645,200 lbs1.75 cubic yards



ModelEngine HPOp. WeightDig Depth
80CS5618,940 lbs15’5″
140SR9432,040 lbs19’7″
ED1509435,900 lbs19’1″
SK17011237,800 lbs21’5″
SK21015044,800 lbs22′
235SR15356,865 lbs21’8″
SK26018157,300 lbs23′
SK35026479,600 lbs24’10”
SK485326110,670 lbs25’7″
SK850496177,330 lbs31’10”


KOBELCO Compact Excavators

ModelEngine HPOp. WeightDig Depth
17SR15.23,638 lbs7’1″
27SR21.65,555 lbs8’4″
35SR28.57,960 lbs10’1″
55SRx39.312,295 lbs12’10”


IHI Mini Excavators

ModelEngine HPOp. WeightDig Depth
 9VX-3 10 2,060 lbs. 5’2″
 9VX-3 Electric 10 2,060 lbs. 5’2″
 17VX-3 13.4 3,850 lbs. 7’0″
 17VXE Electric 15 3,583 lbs. 7’0″
 25VX-3 18.42 6,175 lbs 8’3″
 30V-4 22.8 7,100 lbs. 9′ 10″
 35N-3 26.7 7,759 lbs 10’4″
 35V-4 22.8 8,100 lbs. 11’1″
 45V-4 44 10,802 lbs. 11′ 9″
 55N-3 54.7 12,733 lbs. 12’8″
 55V-4 44 11,800 lbs. 12′ 7″
 60V-4 44 12,128 lbs. 13′ 3″
 80VX-3 58.7 18,100 lbs. 15’1″


GRADALL Excavators

ModelEngine HPOp. WeightUndercarriageDig Depth
XL3100 III18439,4864X2/4×4 Highway Wheeled17’10”
XL3200 III15238,775Crawler17’3″
XL3300 III15239,2944X4 Rough Terrain Wheeled16’6″
XL4100 III23847,5006X4/6X6 Highway Wheeled19′
XL4200 III15345,746Crawler20’3″
XL4300 III15343,5804X4 Rough Terrain Wheeled19’6″
XL5100 III25854,9486X4/6X6 Highway Wheeled22’8″
XL5200 III15353,336Crawler23’7″
XL5300 III15351,2164X4 Rough Terrain Wheeled22’10”


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