Rammer offers a wide range of breaking and demolition attachments for all needs. There is a Rammer Hydraulic hammer for virtually any breaking application.

Browse our selection of new Rammer Hammers for the quarrying, mining, construction, and industrial machinery markets.



Designed with proven Rammer standards, the Performance Line Small Range hammers feature vibration and soundproof housing, central hose connections for easy mounting of hydraulic quick hitch mounting bracket and fast-change tool system for quick and safe tool changing.

Model Working Weight (lbs) Working Length (in) Impact Rate (bmp) Op. Pressure (psi)
555E 610 49.6 600-1800 1305-2030
777E 860 57 500-1700 1305-2030
999E 1110 65.7 500-1700 1450-2030


Slim and lightweight construction allows the hammer to reach narrow spaces and offers the best in market power-weight ratio for higher productivity.

Model Working Weight (lbs) Working Length (in) Impact Rate (bmp) Op. Pressure (psi)
1655E 2430 76.7 540-920 1960-2105
2166E 3000 86.5 430-790 2030-2320
2577E 3680 90.5 450-750 1960-2105


Rammer Large Range hammers are undisputed leaders in their class. The use of advanced hydraulics combined with materials and production technology have enabled us to create hydraulic hammers that are powerful, durable and cost-effective.

So whether you are tackling the most challenging duties at general construction, demolition, quarrying, secondary and primary mining or special applications.

Model Working Weight (lbs) Working Length (in) Impact Rate (bmp) Op. Pressure (psi)
3288E 5181 101.6 460-740 2175-2320
4099E 7450 116.6 520-700 2175-2320
5011E 10470 131.1 450-620 2320-2465


Ho-Pac compactor drivers save you time, money, and increase productivity by expanding versatility and eliminating the need for special purpose machines. The Ho-Pac models use an eccentric, rotating weight that creates vibrations and impulse energy for effective soil compaction. They are also efficient at driving wood, steel and aluminum sheeting, beams, posts, piling and seawalls.

Model Working Weight (lbs) Height (in) Impulse Force (lbs) Op. Frequency (rpm)
400B 500 21 4000 2000
700B 750 22 6400 2000
1000C 1120 26 8000 2000
1600 1900 32 16000 2100
2300 2900 35 24000 2100