Highway Equipment carries a selection of new and used KATO-CES (formerly IHI) crawler carriers, mini excavators, and skid steers available to buy or rent.

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KATO-CES Track Loaders high-performance hydraulics improve linear travel and reduces wobbling, making it easier to travel resulting in higher productivity. Smoother travel and attachment operations are delivered by the hydraulic joystick levers, allowing the operator to get more done with less strenuous maneuvering. The standard equipped proportional switch on the left joystick simplifies auxiliary operations.

Model Engine HP ROC @50% Op. Weight
CL-35 67 – Yanmar 4TNV98 2,310 lbs 7,800 lbs
CL-45 83 – Yanmar 4TNV98T 3,627 lbs 10,100 lbs


KATO-CES Crawler Carriers, also called crawler dumpers, are a product of heavy-duty construction and are designed to show off their high usability and functionality even in adverse working conditions. They are put to outstanding use in the Oil and Gas, Construction and Utility industries as well as in Military and Defense support. Heavy-duty lower track frame with sealed components are standard equipment.

Model Capacity Engine HP
IC-50 8,820 lbs 120
IC-75 14,300 lbs 228
IC-100-2 22,000 lbs 249


KATO-CES Mini Excavators, also called Compact Excavators are exceptional for work in a confined place and can out-perform larger, more expensive machines in construction work, landscaping and pipe-laying. With zero-tail-swing and quick, easy setup and mobility, the KATO-CES Mini Excavator not only out-performs other mini excavators, compact excavators and backhoes, it does so with outstanding digging force and cycle time.

Model Engine HP Op. Weight (KG) Dig Depth
9VX-3 10 2,060 lbs. 5’2″
9VX-3 Electric 10 2,060 lbs. 5’2″
17VX-3 13.4 3,850 lbs. 7’0″
17VXE Electric 15 3,583 lbs. 7’0″
25VX-3 18.42 6,175 lbs. 8’3″
30V-4 22.8 7,100 lbs. 9′10″
35N-3 26.7 7,759 lbs. 10’4″
35V-4 22.8 8,100 lbs. 11’1″
45V-4 44 10,802 lbs. 11’9″
55N-3 54.7 12,733 lbs. 12’8″
55V-4 44 11,800 lbs. 12’7″
60V-4 44 12,128 lbs. 13′3″
80VX-3 58.7 18,100 lbs. 15’1″