Highway Equipment is proud to offer a selection of new and used Fuchs material handlers to buy or rent.


ModelPowerEmission StandardOp. WeightReach
MHL320127hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final46,297lbs30’2″-34’1″
MHL331154hpEPA Tier 4 interim / EU Stage IIIB50,706–56,659 lbs35’1″–39’4″
MHL335154hpEPA Tier 4 interim / EU Stage IIIB52,911–58,863 lbs35’1″–39’4″
MHL340173hpKat. IV/EPA Tier 4 final70,107 lbs36’1″–44’11”
MHL350214hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final72,753–78,264 lbs48’2″–52’5″
MHL360255hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final95,901–107,585 lbs54’1″–59′
MHL370308hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final108,467–119,711 lbs54’1″–59″
MHL390420hpKat. IV / EPA Tier 4 final167,992–191,802 lbs72’2″–80’4″

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