Highway Equipment is proud to offer both new and used Finn products, making it easy for you to find the machine that best meets your needs. We have FINN hydroseeders, bark blowers, straw blowers, and mulch blowers available to buy or rent.

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Finn’s exclusive pump design, variety of models, and numerous options provide a robust and operator-friendly hydroseeder while keeping maintenance costs low. No other manufacturer can come close to Finn’s offerings for variety, innovation, and dependability.

Model Working Weight (lbs) Tank Size (gal) Discharge Distance (ft)
Titan HT330 40,677 3,000 368
Titan HT400 46,935 3,600 368
T330 42,800 3,000 230
T170 24,300 1,500 200
LF120 18,377 1,000 180
T120 17,900 1,000 180
T90 15,115 800 180
T75 10,000 700 150
T60 7,770 500 90
T30 4,560 281 70


With high production bulk material handling and accurate application, your workers can increase productivity up to 700%. And since FINN Material Blowers apply uniform coverage, you’ll achieve material savings of 25% or more.

Model Weight (lbs) Blower Capacity (cu Yd)
BB302 5,350 500 cfm@10 psi 1.5
MBX 33,592 1250 cfm@14 psi 22
MBH6 12,575 725 cfm@12 psi 6


FINN Straw Blowers multiply your productivity and profits by doubling straw coverage in a fraction of the time it takes to apply by hand. There’s no more efficient way to ensure soil moisture retention and protect against erosion damage to freshly seeded areas.

Model Weight (lbs) Loads per Hour (tons) Discharge Distance (ft)
B230 4,760 20 90
B70T 2,360 7 60
B40 1,165 4 45