At Machinery Rental, we will keep your project moving in the right direction… towards completion! Since 1951 we have rented and sold light to medium size construction equipment and supplies to contractors and industrial customers throughout Western Pennsylvania.

  • Daily, Weekly and Long Term Rental Options
  • Delivery and Pick-up Service Available
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable Employees
  • Competitive Rates
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At Highway Equipment, we are proud to rent all of the equipment listed in our inventory, including new or used equipment, and everything from off-highway trucks to our light line equipment. Our rental terms and conditions are listed below. We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Customer Responsibility

  • Maintenance
    Lessee is required to maintain machine as directed by the manufacturer and is responsible for replacing all expendable parts, i.e. cutting edges, filters, etc. and is responsible for any damage caused by neglect to replace expendable items. Lessor is responsible for normal wear and tear.
  • Tires
    The lessee is required to practice reasonable care in the use of rubber tired equipment and will be responsible for any unusual wear or tear of the tires. If Lessee causes such damage as to require a new tire he will be expected to replace said tire with one of equal style and quality. Other tire damage, i.e. cuts or punctures, will be prorated.
  • Insurance
    We will provide insurance (except liability) for the rental unit and invoice Lessee for this coverage. If Lessee desires to place his own insurance, we require a certificate of insurance payable to Highway Equipment Company. Highway must be listed as “Loss Payee”. Upon receipt of this certificate, we will discontinue future insurance coverage.
  • Damage and Loss
    Lessee shall be responsible for any loss, theft, damage, destruction of leased machinery.
  • Repairs
    Lessee to inform Highway Equipment Company immediately of equipment failure.
  • Instruction
    If Lessee requests a serviceman to instruct him in the use and maintenance of the rental unit he will be responsible for this cost. Exception: No charge for instruction in any of our shops or yards.
  • Payment Terms
    All Rental Payments are due in advance.
  • Set Up Charges
    Lessee is responsible for all labor and material cost necessary to ship and erect a rental unit.
  • Delivery and Return
    All charges for pick up and return must be assumed by Lessee.
  • Rates
    • Single Shift = 160 Hours per month
      (It is the general practice of the industry and Highway Equipment Company to charge overtime for any hours used in excess of 160 hours in any given month at the rate of 1/160 of the monthly rate for each hour in excess of 160 in any one 28 consecutive day period.)
    • Double Shift = 1-1/2 x Single Shift Rate
    • Triple Shift = 2 x Single Shift Rate
    • Rental begins when unit leaves Highway Equipment Company yard and continues until returned.
    • Note: Hydraulic Hammers will be billed at 100% of single shift rate for each shift used.
  • Taxes
    All Rates are subject to applicable taxes.

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