Roadtec is a part of Astec Industries, a corporation known as a world leader in asphalt paving equipment. Founded in 1981, Roadtec began as a manufacturer of asphalt pavers. The 455 and 465 pavers were the first models built in Dalton, Georgia.

In 1986, the Barber-Greene Company was acquired to augment the product line. At that time, Barber-Greene was a major producer of pavers, milling machines, trenchers, crushers and asphalt plants. With the combined technology of Roadtec and the Barber-Greene Company, the paver line continued, along with the milling machines, and the concept of the material transfer vehicle was born. The first material transfer vehicle was the MTD 3500.

The Barber-Greene paver line was sold to Caterpillar in 1991 and Roadtec reorganized in Chattanooga, Tennessee to manufacture and market the entire line of road building equipment for Astec Industries. This included asphalt pavers and milling machines. It was around this time that the smaller, modern day Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicle evolved from the larger MTD 3500, rounding out the product line.

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Asphalt Pavers

Paver ModelTypeHPShipping Weight (no screed)
RP-170e8’ Class Rubber Tired Paver17431,000*
RP-175e8’ Class Rubber Track Paver17432,500
RP-190e10’ Class Rubber Tired Paver23038,800
RP-195e10’ Class Rubber Tracked Paver23041,525
RP-25058’ Class Steel Track Paver17442,230
SP-100e10’ Class Gravity Fed Paver17332,360
SP-200e10’ Class Spray Paver23063,800

* New machine, subject to update

Material Transfer Vehicle

ModelTypeHPShipping WeightHMA Storage
MTV-1000e*Material Transfer25050,5000
MTV-1100e**Material Transfer25048,800**0
SB-1500eRemixing Material Transfer30067,24015 ton
SB-2500eRemixing Material Transfer30077,24025 ton

*To be discontinued in 2016
**To be released late 2016 – weight subject to update


Milling Machines

ModelHPMax Cutting WidthMax Cutting DepthShipping Weight (lbs)
RX-600e-3675 (503)86″13″60560
RX-600e-4675 (503)86″13″63480
RX-700e-3755 (563)126″14″76500
RX-700e-4755 (563)126″14″79620
RX-900e-3720 (537)150″13″87194
RX-900e-4575 (429)150″13″90000



ModelHPMax Cutting WidthMax Cutting DepthShipping Weight (lbs)


Highway Equipment offers authorized parts and service on all Roadtec models. From complete rebuilds, to scheduled inspections and routine maintenance, we have you covered.


OEM Parts
Parts and Support for Roadtec Asphalt Equipment

Highway Equipment offers original Roadtec parts that deliver high quality and long life for all your Roadtec asphalt and paving equipment. You can expect fast delivery and a wide range of inventory. Our parts representatives will help you avoid downtime with prompt and convenient customer service.

  • Knowledgeable, factory-direct support
  • Fast and convenient shipping
  • Overnight shipping service available
  • Parts designed and manufactured specifically for your Roadtec equipment
Parts for Major Brands
Replacement Parts and Support for Most Makes and Models

Highway Equipment offers superior quality wear parts for major brand pavers, mills, and stabilizers. We have competitive prices, fast service, and large inventory of competitive road development and paving parts.

  • Fair and competitive prices
  • Top quality
  • Wide variety of brands, makes and models
  • Large inventory and competitive parts database
Factory-trained Technicians

Our team of industry and factory trained experts will lessen the stress and time to get you back up and running.

  • Diagnostics, troubleshooting, and technical support
  • Rebuilds
  • Parts replacements and repairs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Shop and field service options
We will deliver a “good as new” machine to keep your business rolling

  • 127 point inspection
  • Extends the useful life of your existing equipment
  • Restores to like-new performance
  • Incorporates critical engineering improvements
  • Recondition to factory standards
  • Offers component exchange packages
  • Machine updates and aftermarket upgrades
  • In addition to Roadtec, we offer rebuild services on most makes and models of road development equipment

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