Founded in Houston, TX in 2001, Kobelco is proud to manufacture excavators that exhibit raw power, operating efficiency, and, above all, operator safety. A leader in heavy construction machinery, Kobelco strives to develop products that also minimize environmental impact.

Highway Equipment carries a range of both new and used Kobelco excavators, so you’re sure to find the right one for you.




ModelEngine HPOp. WeightDig Depth
80CS5618,940 lbs15’5″
140SR9432,040 lbs19’7″
ED1509435,900 lbs19’1″
SK17011237,800 lbs21’5″
SK21015044,800 lbs22′
235SR15356,865 lbs21’8″
SK26018157,300 lbs23′
SK35026479,600 lbs24’10”
SK485326110,670 lbs25’7″
SK850496177,330 lbs31’10”


KOBELCO Compact Excavators

ModelEngine HPOp. WeightDig Depth
17SR15.23,638 lbs7’1″
27SR21.65,555 lbs8’4″
35SR28.57,960 lbs10’1″
55SRx39.312,295 lbs12’10”

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