Anaconda was originally formed in 2005 as sub-contract specialists before launching the Anaconda brand in 2008. Over the last decade the company has established itself as a reliable partner of choice under the Anaconda brand with over 1000 machines, shipped to more than 50 countries over 6 continents.

With a bespoke manufacturing facility in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and a full-service master distribution facility in Massachusetts, USA, the companies specialism is in the design and manufacture of compact mobile screening, recycling, loading and conveying equipment for the aggregate, organics and recycling industries.




The Anaconda range of mobile Screeners-Scalpers has been designed to suit a variety of applications.

The DF410 and SR410 range of screeners-scalpers are designed for optimum screening and stockpiling of materials with the longest screen box in the compact screening segment of the market. The 410 range of tracked screens will fold and ship worldwide in standard 40’ sea containers thus keeping shipping costs to a minimum!

The Anaconda DF514 and SR514 range of screens offer greater screening capacity with performance of up to 350tph possible.


ModelScreen Size (ft x ft)DecksCapacity (tph)Plant Weight (KG)
SR514 3 DECK14 X 52 or 335031,000
SR514 3DK RINSER14 X 52 or 335031,000
SR514 2 DECK14 x 52 or 335031,000
SR514 2DK RINSER14 x 52 or 335031,000
SR410 2DK RINSER10 x 4215,500


Anaconda Screeners



The Anaconda range of mobile Screeners-Scalpers has been designed to suit a variety of applications.

The DF514 scalper can offer two or three way separation of material whereas the SR514 will offer three or four way separation as it comes with a three-deck option.


Model Screen Size (ft x ft) Decks Capacity (tph) Plant Weight (KG)
DF514 APRON14 x 5235027,000
DF514 BELT14 x 5235027,000
DF41010 x 4235015,600
DF410 EURO SPEC10 x 4230015,600

Anaconda Scalper



Anacondas ingenuity in its signature range of Trommels comes from a long period of research and development. We worked with customers and operators to determine problems facing the common scroll drum dedicated models popular in the organic and associated industries. What came next was the start of something special. The Anaconda Trommels have been helping end users produce up to 75% more fines in the first pass compared to a standard scroll drum. This is because a scroll drum can cause the material to ball and bind together and increase the need for reprocessing. At Anaconda we like to do things right first time..


Models Screen Size (ft x ft) Plant Weight (KG)
TD620 Tracked18′ x 6′ 7″20,000
TD620 Wheeled18′ x 6′ 7″20,000
TD516 Tracked16′ 9″ x 4′ 7″14,500
TD516 Wheeled16′ 9″ x 4′ 7″14,500
Anaconda Trommel


The Anaconda range of conveyors has been designed with quality at the core utilizing the latest ProE modelling software.

Anaconda conveyors are built efficiently, to the highest quality. The volume of conveyors built per year mean that Anaconda procure the best components at the most competitive prices, keeping the customer cost down. The products are built to last with the trademark Anaconda quality and paint finish. Anaconda has a range of standard stockpiling conveyors offering material movement from 20ft (6m) to 80ft (24m) and from 50tph up to 750tph, with stockpiles from 150 cubic meters to 5000 cubic meters.

Anaconda also offers a range of feeder conveyors that can be used to feed static crushing and screening plants, mobile screening plants, as ship/barge/rail truck loaders or to scalp material by adding the option of a vibrating/standard grid.

Tracked Conveyors

ModelsLength (ft) Plant Weight (KG)

Wheeled Conveyors

ModelsLength (ft) Plant Weight (KG)


Track Conveyors




Anaconda Product Brochure

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Screen Machine

Screen Machine is a leading manufacturer of portable jaw, impact and cone rock crushers, screening plants, trommels and conveyors, and is an industry leader in design and innovation. Based in Etna, Ohio, Screen Machine has been providing American-made crushing and screening innovation since 1966.

Screen Machine products are manufactured with USA-made Grade 80 steel in key performance areas. This makes a significant difference in the longevity of the machine. Patented features, like our Remote Crusher Relief System™ and Smooth Start® screening system make these hard-working machines even more productive and reliable.

A complete equipment line is offered to fit a variety of industry applications, all manufactured at our Ohio headquarters. Highway Equipment Company is the exclusive Screen Machine distributor in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.



  • Track Mount
  • Portable



Jaw Crushers

Track-mounted jaw crushing plants that are hard-working, durable and mobile.


ModelCrusher (in)Feeder (in x ft)Capacity (tph)Plant Weight (lbs)
JXT26 x 4540 x 1335098,000
JHT26 x 4550 x 1335098,000

Screen Machine JHT-Jaw-Crusher

Impact Crushers

Track-mounted impact crushers with unmatched performance, durability and mobility. Including the 4043TR recirculating impactor. All Screen Machine impactors come standard with the patented Remote Crusher Relief System™.


ModelCrusherBelt Feeder (in x ft)Capacity (tph)Plant Weight (lbs)
 5256T 52 x 56 56 x 38 500 119,000
 4043T 40 x 43 43 x 28 350 79,500
 4043TR 40 x 43 43 x 28 350 98,000

Impact Crusher


Cone Crushers

Track-mounted cone crushing plants are ideal secondary crushers for final sizing.


ModelCrusherBelt Feeder (in x ft)Capacity (tph)Plant Weight (lbs)
 CST 5151 250 115,000
 CXT 4040 200 80,000

Cone Crusher



Spyder Screening Plants

Track-mounted Spyder screens provide a versatile solution to material processing. The 516T, 514TS and 514TS3 all come standard with the patented Smooth Start® technology. The Spyder 622TH and 514TS3 are equipped with three decks to produce up to four sized products.


ModelScreen Size (ft x ft)DecksCapacity (tph)Plant Weight (lbs)
 Spyder 622TH 6 x 22 3 600 84,000
 Spyder 516T 5 x 16 2 550 59,000
 Spyder 514TS 5 x 14 2 300 52,000
 Spyder 514TS3 5 x 14 3 300 59,000

Spyder screening plant



Screen Machine’s tracked-mounted and wheeled Scalpers come standard with the patented Smooth Start® technology and Dual Screen box design.


Model Screen Size (ft x ft) Decks Capacity (tph) Plant Weight (lbs)
 107T 5 x 7 2 400 44,980
 107D 5 x 7 2 350 24,000
 77C 7 x 7 2 200 19,500

scalper screening plant



Track-mounted and wheeled trommels are ideal for removing debris from sand and topsoil. Available with Screen Machine’s patented Hammermill Shredder.


Models Screen Size (ft x ft) YPH (yards p/hr) Capacity (tph) Plant Weight (lbs)
612T 6 x 12 150 500 27,000
612W 6 x 12 150 500 22,500
Might II 3 x 4 25 200 4,700


Moving processed material via conveyor is cheaper and more efficient than driving it around the job site. Most are available with your choice of hydraulic or electric operating systems.


ModelsLength (ft)Belt Size (in) Capacity (tph) Plant Weight (lbs)
6036T 60 36 500 21,000
TH, TE-80 80 36 500 19,000
TH, TE-60 60 36 400 12,000
CH, CE-50 50 30 300 5,500
CH, CE-50 50 24 250 5,500
CH, CE-40 40 36 250 5,000
CH, CE-40 40 30 250 5,000
CH, CE-40 40 24 200 5,000
CH-30 30 18 150 3,000




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Fuchs Material Handlers


For over 125 years, unique design features make Fuchs® machines veritable all-rounders in materials handling. Whether in the scrap yard, at recycling sites, in the sawmill industry or in port handling, Fuchs® machines are the last word in outstanding productivity and cost-efficiency.

Fuchs —the name means more than just innovative, top-quality, high-efficiency material handlers– stands for decades of history, rich in pioneering technical achievements. So it is no surprise that invention and innovation still typify the spirit of Fuchs company and its solutions today.

Over 125 years of excellence in pioneering technology.



Material Handlers

ModelPowerEmission StandardOp. WeightReach
MHL320127hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final46,297lbs30’2″-34’1″
MHL331154 hpEPA Tier 4 interim / EU Stage IIIB50,706–56,659 lbs35’1″–39’4″
MHL335154 hpEPA Tier 4 interim / EU Stage IIIB52,911–58,863 lbs35’1″–39’4″
MHL340173 hpKat. IV/EPA Tier 4 final70,107 lbs36’1″–44’11”
MHL350214hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final72,753–78,264 lbs48’2″–52’5″
MHL360255 hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final95,901–107,585 lbs54’1″–59′
MHL370308 hpStage IV/EPA Tier 4 final108,467–119,711 lbs54’1″–59″
MHL390420 hpKat. IV / EPA Tier 4 final167,992–191,802 lbs72’2″–80’4″





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KPI-JCI & Astec Mobile Screens

KPI-JCI logo


KPI-JCI & Astec Mobile Screens (AMS) was formed in 1997 when long-time industry leaders Kolberg-Pioneer Inc. and Johnson Crushers International Inc. consolidated their sales forces and product lines into a single brand. Together they create the world’s broadest selection of rock crushing and screening equipment for the aggregate, mining and paving industries. Astec Mobile Screens provides the material processing industry with the broadest range of quality screening solutions for the quarry, recycle, sand and gravel, coal, landfill and other material processing industries.


  • Track Mount
  • Portable
  • Stationary



Jaw Crusher Plants

Track-mounted jaw plants are built for maximum jaw crushing mobility.

ModelCrusher (in)Feeder (in x ft)Capacity (tph)Plant Weight* (lbs)
GT12527 x 4240 x 1440081,000
FT265026 x 5050 x 1540096,000
FT305530 x 5550 x 18700124,000

Cone Crusher Plants

Track-mounted cone plants are engineered for maximum cone crushing productivity.
ModelCrusherBelt Feeder (in x ft)Capacity (tph)Plant Weight (lbs)
 GT2001200LS42 x 1638585,000
 FT200DFK200+42 x 1640083,000
 FT200CCK200+36 x 17385111,000
 FT300DFK300+42 x 1646096,000
 FT400DFK400+48 x 16625116,000


Andreas HSI Impactor Plants

Track-mounted impactor plants are the only continuously crushing and tracking impactors on the market.
ModelCrusher (in)Feeder (in x ft)Capacity (tph)Plant Weight* (lbs)
GT440OC42 x 4040 x 1440082,700
GT440CC42 x 4040 x 1440097,000
FT4250OC42 x 5050 x 1540099,000
FT4250CC42 x 5050 x 15400112,500
FT526052 x 6050 x 18750112,500



Screen Plants

ModelScreen Size (ft x ft)DecksCapacity (tph)Plant Weight (lbs)
GT145S5 x 142 or 345071,000
GT205S5 x 202 or 360082,800
FT2618V6 x 18235062,000
FT2618VM6 x 18235060,000
FT36206 x 20370081,000
GT1044 x 9222035,000
GT1655 x 16250075,000
GT2066 x 20270084,000
FT6203CC6 x 20380086,000
FT6203OC6 x 20380083,000



Radial Stackers
Transfer Conveyors
Feed Systems
LowPro Drive-Over Truck Unloaders
Stationary Conveyor
Track Conveyor



Fine Material Washer
Coarse Material Washer
Classifying Tanks
Log Washers
Blade Mills
Dewatering Screens
Complete Custom System
Portable and Skid Mounted Plants


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Vacuworx Lifting Machinery


Since 1999, Vacuworx has been in the business of producing high value vacuum lifting equipment from its headquarters in Tulsa, OK.

Highway Equipment carries a line of new Vacuworx pipe handlers, which you can browse through below.



ModelLift CapacityPipe Size
RC1022,000 lbs4″-48″
RC1226,000 lbs4″-48″
RC1635,000 lbs4″-48″
RC2044,000 lbs4″-48″

Sakai Compactors and Rollers


Founded in Japan in 1918, Sakai has enjoyed continuous growth and diversification of its products. In 2001, Sakai’s new headquarters opened in Adairsville, GA. The company now has customers in over 110 countries.

Highway Equipment carries a range of new and used Sakai compactors and rollers. You can browse through our product line below.

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SAKAI Asphalt Rollers

ModelDrumEngine HPWeight
SW320Double Drum 47″346,480 lbs
SW330Double Drum 51″346,655 lbs
SW652Double Drum 58″7816,000 lbs
SW800Double Drum 67″10923,670 lbs
SW850Double Drum 79″12528,510 lbs



SAKAI Dirt Rollers

ModelDrumEngine HPWeight
SV201D54″ Smooth609,590 lbs
SV400D67″ Smooth8016,210 lbs
SV400TB67″ Padfoot8017,530 lbs
SV510D-384″ Smooth13824,140 lbs
SV510TB-385″ Padfoot, Blade13826,015 lbs

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Rogers Trailers

In the trailer business since 1905, with customers in all 50 states and 65 countries, Rogers has built its name on the superior quality of its products. Designed to be high-performing and low maintenance, Rogers trailers are sure to stand the test of time.

Highway Equipment offers a variety of Rogers trailers, so you’re sure to find one that meets the needs of your particular project.



Tag-Along Series
TAG2121-Ton Capacity
TAG2525-Ton Capacity
Fixed Gooseneck Series
TVT3535-Ton Capacity Narrow Neck
MH3535-Ton Capacity Full-Width Neck
Ultima™ Series
CR40PL35/40-Ton Capacity Platform Deck
SP55PL55-Ton Capacity Platform Deck
CR35GR35-Ton Capacity Gentle Riser™ Deck
CR50GR50-Ton Capacity Gentle Riser™ Deck
CobraNeck™ Series
CN55PL55-Ton Capacity Platform Deck







New Holland Machinery


Founded in New Holland, PA in 1895, New Holland has a history of quality and service. Always a company on the cutting edge of innovation, New Holland introduced the first backhoe loader in 1966.

Highway Equipment carries a variety of new and used New Holland skid steer and backhoe loaders. Explore our current inventory below.


NEW HOLLAND Backhoe Loaders – New Equipment

ModelEngine HPROCOp. Weight
B95B97 hp FPT Diesel18′ 3″16,416 lbs
B95LR97 hp FPT Diesel18′ 9″16,416 lbs
B95TC97 hp FPT Diesel18′ 3″18,443 lbs
B110110 hp FPT Diesel18′ 9″16,526 lbs
B115110 hp FPT Diesel18′ 5″18,510 lbs

NEW HOLLAND Compact Track Loaders

ModelEngine HPROCWeight
C227742,7008,200 lbs
C232823,2009,630 lbs
C238903,80010,100 lbs


NEW HOLLAND Skid Steer Loaders

ModelEngine HPROCOp. Weight
L21860 hp FPT Diesel1,8005,560 lbs
L22060 hp FPT Diesel2,0006,100 lbs
L22374 hp FPT Diesel2,3007,050 lbs
L22582 hp FPT Diesel2,5007,565 lbs
L23090 hp FPT Diesel3,0007,965 lbs

New Holland

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Multiquip Generators


Founded in 1973, Multiquip Inc. is one of the most diversified manufacturers and supplies of world class products for construction, industrial, non-commercial, and oil and gas exploration markets.

Highway Equipment offers used Multiquip generator sets. You can browse through our latest offerings below.

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Koshin Ltd was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1948. Koshin America was established in 1984, with the goal of productive innovative products for use in industries including agriculture and construction. Today, Koshin is a worldwide pump manufacturing leader.

Highway Equipment offers a selection of used Koshin pumps, which you can browse below.

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